Knowledge is Supreme

What makes human species unique is that we are capable of exercising Cumulative Knowledge. A population of human brains is much smarter than any individual brain in isolation. And the Cumulative Knowledge works like Collaborative Enterprise par excellence. Sharing the wealth (of knowledge ) results in Cumulative cultural development that is how the growth of civilizations took place from ancient to present.

Humans historically have managed to step outside coevolutionary forms by reasoning, cooperating, and communicating with one another.

Whether the economy, in particular, the Global economy takes the shape of U, L or even V in the long term as predicted by Global experts like KPMG or Mckinsey one thing is certain we will come out of this crisis (Just a matter of time) and develop new forms of existence be it Cultural, Social, Spiritual Biological or Scientific.
In the end, I would say what Lord Krishna says “Knowledge is Supreme”.
Mankind will continue on the evolutionary path through knowledge and wisdom.
Ajay K Gupta

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