Business Scenario Post Covid

Post-Lockdown and the normalized situation probably in June or after, the entire Indian economy would change. The Health sector, Hygiene sector, Digital Factories, Digital marketing, AI, Remote work solutions, Cloud computing, Telecom, Agro and food processing, Health food, Traditional Medicine sector, Engineering Sector, Agriculture implements, Agriculture, and robotics, etc will have great future.

Luxury products, tourism, gems and jewelry, handicrafts, consumer electronics, automobile, and garment sectors will see a serious slowdown.

There will be an entire employment shift, working changes. Most of the companies would not like to have full-time employees and the GIG economy will be a reality.

GOI should work in identifying products that can be stopped from China. Now, most of the countries will redefine their own import-export policies and the WTO rules will be flouted by many countries resulting in a move towards deglobalization.

For India it may be a golden chance for increasing the manufacturing base, tap international investors willing to move out their manufacturing base from China. Strictly ensuring Import curb’s from China without bothering from respective organized industry sector demands, as most of them would still prefer getting supplies from China due to low price.

Indian Industry should explore new markets and emerging economies like Africa, Latin Americas and Asian markets which will prove more lucrative as the USA and Europe our traditional export markets will bottom out to a large extent.

We must be ready for ourselves and the society at large to face the challenges of the economy onslaught which is evident now and be gear up.

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